Erik K Johnson – The Podcast Talent Coach Reviews the Show

A few months ago Dave Jackson, of the School of Podcasting, and the Podcast Review Show and Erik K. Johnson of the Podcast Talent Coach reviewed the Jeep Talk Show.  They had many great ideas and we implemented several of them.  After a few months I reached out to The Podcast Review show, unsure if they would to a follow up review.  I never heard back from my requests so after subscribing and listen to several episodes Erik’s podcast I reached out to him for the re-review.  He was happy to do it.

We just put out a survey last week and thought this review might be an excellent thing to do about the same time.  You can still make your voice heard by clicking on the Survey icon, just to the left side of this post, or find it on our contact page!

I asked if he would mind if we did the “re-review” in the form of an interview.  He agreed.  And here you have it.  Now you won’t see this in our app, or any of the regular ways you listen to the show.  It’s only available here, on the Jeep Talk Show website.  We did this because it’s far outside the normal infotainment we bring you.  This is for the folks that like to know more of the nuts and bolts, or how the sausage is made!

Feel free to comment below or  go to our contact page and respond there. We DO want to hear from you!  Is Erik right?  Is he wrong?  What did we miss that you think could make the show better?

Episode 346 – Jeep Thieves Get Justice

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